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ambivert. instant. extremist. violent and harsh. nature enthusiast. frequently pleasured. harmless as always. often described as aggressive. secret-keeper. news-grabber. small time stalker. pretending to be sweet, and sweeter.

Described as: " artist! The creative force is burning inside you like fire. Your soul is young and lively, you see everything as a work of art, and no matter what, you never give up on the things that matter to you most. You see beauty in every thing and every situation, and as long as there is beauty and art in your life, you'd feel complete. You are a very hopeful person. You always see the glass as being half full, and for you, things can always improve and thrive. Your life is guided by your ability to see the bright side in every situation, to think of the rainbow after the storm. You always believe things can get better, and there could not be a better way to view this life." <3


380 12.04.11
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